Underoath  Writing On The Walls


Underoath - Writing On The Walls

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I just have to get through tomorrow!!! That means a 9:30 AM class, presenting my website pitch to my Media Tech class and then a PR test!!!!! So many things!!!!! But after I am going to come home and lay in my bed and cry because I am catching the 7 AM bus out of Philadelphia Friday morning to go home :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))


women: being a woman is hard

men: I thikn youre forgetting something: it is also hard to be a man. just letting you know that you forgot to mention that when you were talking about being a woman

we went out did some things last weekend forgot to do my weekend roundup of pics the usual

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"…the older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious."


By Kham

Hey there! I’ve put together a recommendations list of drugstore brand cosmetics. I figured it could be useful for those of you who might’ve just started experimenting with makeup, or if you’re just looking for new things to try. All of these products are under $10. I tried to include products that are relatively inexpensive, as even drugstore makeup can get a bit pricey. Hopefully this is helpful to some of you. Enjoy! ♡

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Life is very hard because I have people around me who are trying to like do real life things and I don’t think I am ready for that and I am just trying to focus on my homework how is it possible to do other things as well? I am very confused and sad about it and it makes me feel really awful because like obviously I should be like doing things but it is hard to do things when like no one answers any emails!!!! I am just trying to get back into the radio station and they are all very like yea lol and like I was already in it last year!!!! why won’t you let me back in!!!! sigh and i applied to a few jobs in the city and i am just stressed out because i don’t feel like i’m doing enough but there’s no way to do more

i’m upset


A list of things that liking One Direction does not do:

  1. Invalidate my intelligence
  2. Invalidate my love for other genres of music
  3. Invalidate my ability to think critically
  4. Invalidate my opinions or my knowledge of facts
  5. Make anyone who doesn’t like One Direction better or smarter than me in any way

So shut the fuck up about how liking this band makes someone’s opinions or knowledge of facts invalid.


harry is larry af

Pasadena, CA. September 12, 2014

Pasadena, CA. September 12, 2014